Shipping conditions

Hello, I want you to consider the following information ...
The shipping of your products can take an hour to 3 days.

For the following reasons:

  • Light failures.
  • Failures in the Internet connection.
  • Delay in email messages.
  • Personal emergency.
  • Personal work.
  • Activities of everyday life that every human being has :)

Therefore I ask you please, be patient and wait for the shipment of your purchase.

1- Another thing I want to clarify is that your products will be sent in the form of a gift to the avatar name that you provide me.

2- In case of being a project (file) will be sent by email.

3- In many cases there is confusion that many people believe that we will send something to their address.
I want you to know that we will not send anything to your physical address

  • The products purchased are delivered by electronic transfers of accounts to avatar accounts within the IMVU 3D Chat or mailings in case of files, codes or material.

  • You can not make a shipment of products to avatar accounts that do not have in your account in the part of Setting the visibility of the selected panels leave messages: All as the example image Here

  • You will have to log in to the web and click on "MY ACCOUNT", then in Configuration of the visibility of the panels place Receive messages: All and click "Update Preferences"

 4. Please be sure to write the name of your avatar or Email correctly when making your purchase, so you can receive your products or others.
If you provide an avatar name that does not exist in IMVU, your purchase will take longer to be sent since you must send me an email with the correct avatar name and the shipment will be tried again.
If you provide a wrong avatar name, it will be your responsibility not to have written the correct user and you must make the purchase again, since you can not recover the products once they are sent to other users.

 5. The delivery can normally take a couple of hours or in some cases from 24 to 72 hours. Rest assured that if you make a mistake on our part we will send your product again without additional charges.

If you have any problem at all with your purchases on our website please contact us through contact or online chat and we will respond as soon as possible.

Thank in advance :)
Greetings Cleibeth