Terms and Conditions, for the use of the products

Hello, I want you to consider the following information:
These products should have a moderate use of IMVU.

  • Do not take pictures with the imvu camera where you are using sex products.
  • Do not use nude and sex actions in public rooms.
  • Do not save your avatar with naked or sex actions in suits.
  • Do not place sexual poses and rooms in public rooms.
  • Save the codes and messages, that I send along with the gift product to your avatar account, and then delete the message from the IMVU mailbox. This applies in the case of products with activation codes and with the timer mode or others that are not direct.

 Use with people you trust and avoid reports of malicious people.
Take good care of your product remember that you only have a two month warranty.

Thanks in advance :)
Greetings Cleiberth